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Gasoline Analogy

When you have a high-performance car, you don’t put “regular” fuel in it. The preferred fuel for high-performance vehicles is “premium”, or high-octane gasoline. Higher octane gasoline allows the engine to work more efficiently and helps prevent engine damage in the long run. Athletes’ bodies are like high-performance vehicles. We need to fuel them with only the best nutrient-dense foods.

One-on-one coaching

Are you looking for specific help in regard to your nutritional intake? A one-on-one coaching session may be for you! If you need help in areas such as gaining weight, sustaining energy, balancing calories and making smart food choices, we are here to help. Nutritional intake is as unique as you are, and we want to help you achieve a food plan that enables you to perform at your peak potential in your specific sport. 

Grocery Shopping Tours

Do you need help choosing the right foods to fuel right at the grocery store? Alas, we are here to help! We offer grocery store tours to help guide student athletes, like you, to choose the smartest and right foods. It’s difficult and complex sometimes to determine the foods you should and should not be eating. We assist you with where you should be shopping (the best bang for your buck), choosing healthy on-the-go snacks, reading food labels, maneuvering your way through the produce section, seeking the most nutrient-dense highest protein foods available and much, much more!

Tours are available individually or in groups. If you are interested in this opportunity, contact us! We are more than exited to help you navigate the food world off-campus!

Recipe Book

Do you need ideas for healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack options? Click below to find our recipe book! Updated versions will be available throughout the course of the year, so keep checking for new ideas.

Recipe's provided have low cost ingredients and take 30 minutes or less to make. 

Student Athlete: Basic Nutrition

For a basic nutrition overview how to properly consume the right calories and nutrients, eat for recovery, obtain adequate sleep, and HYDRATE click the following button!

Coaches: Nutrition for Performance

Click on the following button for more information on the importance of nutrient dense eating for performance! Here you can also find the components/testing portion of our program and how our program can benefit your team.