Current Student Researchers

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Ashley Frechette. Public Health. Ashley is an undergraduate student at NAU who has always had a passion for health and nutrition. After graduation she plans to continue to graduate school to study Nutritional Science and become a registered dietitian. 
Pending Graduation: Spring 2019

Tara Kemp is studying in the Interdisciplinary Health Ph.D. program at NAU. Her primary interests lie in the intersection of psychology and nutrition. She plans to study the emotional and psychological tools that lay the foundation for sustainable lifestyle change, and is particularly interested in the role of self-compassion. Tara is a strong proponent of a whole food, plant-based diet for both treatment and prevention of chronic disease, and hopes to use the findings to help people adopt this lifestyle.

Sam Lawson. Exercise Science. Sam is an undergraduate student studying exercise science with minors in chemistry and nutrition. Spurred from previously playing college baseball he has found a passion pursuing a career in sports nutrition. Sam wants to become a registered dietitian, a certified sports conditioning specialist, and ultimately a full time sports nutritionist for an MLB team.
Pending Graduation: Spring 2020

Heather Marquis. Nutrition and Foods. Heather is an undergraduate student at NAU who is studying Nutrition and Foods with minors in Health and Wellness Coaching and Biology. She plans to attend graduate school to study Nutritional Science and become a Registered Dietitian. Heather is especially passionate about helping those with disease live their best lives by managing or reducing their symptoms and manifestations that go along with disease.
Pending graduation: Spring 2020

Sarah Takach. Biomedical Science. Sarah is currently an undergraduate student at NAU and is on the NAU Swim and Dive Team. After graduation she plans go to graduate school to receive her masters in human nutrition and become a Registered Dietitian. She would like to lead a healthy lifestyle and specifically help athletes realize how valuable nutrition can be in order to reach their optimum potential.
Pending Graduation: Spring 2019


Former Student Researchers


Jason Farrow. Exercise SciencE, Class of 2018.

Gabby Kennedy. Psychology, Class of 2019.

Taylor Lowe. Nutrition and Foods, Class of 2019.

Tatiana Tomich. Master Of Public Health, University of Arizona, Class of 2019.


Sierra Bezdicek. Fitness and Wellness, Class of 2018

Sydney Herbst. Fitness and Wellness, Class of 2018.

Nicole Lloyd. Exercise Science and Health and Wellness Coaching, Class of 2018.

Kapahanau Palakiko. Biomedical Sciences, Class of 2018

Sydney Salvat. Fitness Wellness, Class of 2018


Lindsay Clark. Fitness Wellness, class of 2017.

Mae dallaL. Public health, class of 2017. 

Davin Lau. Exercise Science,class of 2017.

Sara Moore. Exercise Science, class of 2017.


Mason Maclean. fitness wellness, Class of 2016. 

Elise Miller. public health, Class of 2016.

Monica Pruitt. bachelors of undergraduate studies, Class of 2016. 

Alyssa Trinidad. Public Health, Class of 2016.